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Bali Ubud Landscape Paintings

Ubud is located in the centr

e Bali island. Renowned for famous Arts and Artist Painting. Ubud Paintings is the trademark of Bali Paintings with the famous Oil Original Painting and acrylic on canvas features landscape, flower, face, horse, portrait with many style abstract painting, Ubud Traditional Painting, Modern , Realism, Impression, and Landscape Painting.

bali traditional painting
bali landscape painting
Bali  bird painting

Ubud Paintings History

The European interlopers introduced Balinese artists to the wider colours range in Western painting and to the effects variety possible with ready made brushes and fine woven canvas.More important spies and Bonnet introduced Western painting techniques such as perspective and encourage their students to venture beyond traditional mythological subject matter and paint scene from everyday life. It was an artistic revolution unpredicated in the history of archipelago, indeed in all of tropical Asia : traditional painting emphasized fidelity to convention, and minimized the importance of individual epression. The western concept of art for art's sake was virtually unknown in Bali, as throughout Asia.Yet as tourism expanded, so did the market for non-ritual art; and soon there was a flourishing art market in Bali, with centers in Ubud.

in love Orchid Horse Landscsape Paintings marine life

Ubud Painters Family

Bali Landscape Paintings introduce Ubud painters family lives in Katik Lantang village only minutes from Ubud Village. They are I Dewa Made Thagel with his sons I Dewa Putu Haddi Putra and I Dewa Made Mandyasa Read More.. - All rights reserved