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Ubud Painters Family

Bali Landscape Paintings introduce Ubud painters family lives in Katik Lantang village only minutes from Ubud Village. They are I Dewa Made Thagel with his sons I Dewa Putu Haddi Putra and I Dewa Made Mandyasa

Dewa Made Thagel was born on 1950, He started to paint in 1968 and have learned Oil Painting Techniques from a famous Dutch painter Rudolf Bonnet who lived in Ubud. From begining he paints in Traditional Painting style which has four steps and of painting. It makes one painting could be finished in three days or even untill a week. His Acrylic Painting mostly featuring Balinese people lifestyle likes Farmer, Rice Harvesting, Traditional Market, Village Life, Balinese Dance, Barong Dance and also beautifull Bali Landscape.


Was born in 1974 his eldest son Dewa Putu Haddi Putra has never went to a formal paintings school. He has learned traditional style painting technique from his father but he also able to paint in Realism Painting, Impression Painting and Modern Abs