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Bali Modern Realism Paintings

Was born in 1974 his eldest son Dewa Putu Haddi Putra has never went to a formal paintings school. He has learned traditional style painting technique from his father but he also able to paint in Realism Painting, Impression Painting and Modern Abstract painting which he have learned autodidactly. His oil paintings featuring a beautiful Bali Landscape and single object likes sun flower, orchid, horse, dolphin, nude body, female body, marin life, budha face and maitrya. The people call him a multy skill painter.

marine life
Realism - Marine Life
Realism - Dolphin (1)
sun flower
Realism - Sun Flower
Realism - Orchid
quick moving
Realism - Quick Moving
Realism - Puppies (1)
budha head
budha maitrya
budha maitrya
Realism - Budha Head Realism -
Budha Maitrya (1)
Realism -
Budha Maitrya (2)
nude girl
the rose apple
Realism - Nude Girl
Realism -
The Rose Apple
Realism - Dolphin (2)
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